About Tina


Tina Mation is the creator and presenter of children’s television art shows on RTÉ since 1995 and in that time has shown millions of children (and adults alike) just how easy it is to draw.

In 1995 Tina made her first series for RTÉ’s Education Department and her programmes have appeared on the National Station ever since.  This year Tina is celebrating 26 years on RTÉ television.

She also has appeared live on television in the UK and the US, with live radio appearances also in Australia.  Her “Don’t Just Draw … Animate” series has also been broadcast in the UK and all over the Middle East. Currently Tina shows are airing twice daily across Ireland, UK and Europe 

Tina has created an amazing collection of characters (over 600 to date) including her most famous (and favourite) Dexter Egwood, The Twins and the latest addition “Captain Draw”.

Tina has published over 60 “how to” draw and animate books, DVD & CD-ROM sets plus her famous animation kits and draw packs.

Tina is currently recording her latest series, which she hopes to finish soon.  Details will be available shortly.